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In Acoustica Flagrante

First notes ring out from my studio....

First notes ring out from my studio....

A flurry of activity yesterday, as I installed power supplies, and access points through the worktops to link Keyboards and Computers and suchlike. My acoustic also eventually found its way to its rightful place on the wall. Apart from a small servicing of the power amplifier, and installation of the iMac that will be the “control centre”, things are pretty much finished. The vestibule leading to the control room is the next thing to concentrate on, but that’s for another day. I sat down early evening and began running through the songs I’ll be featuring in my opening acoustic set for my New Year’s Eve solo concert. Lost in my strumming, I failed to notice the stealthy footsteps of “papparazzi” Miki, who captured me “in acoustica flagrante” as it were. But what a beautifully evocative photograph it is.

Kev Moore

Photography by Miki

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