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Sex & Drugs & Rock’n’Roll

On a roll recently with my artistic creations, I suddenly realized that I ought to do something a little Christmassy, what with it being nearly Christmas, and all that. So I came up with this:

“Following our reality-shift into a parallel universe, our iconic, rotund, and undeniably singular Father Christmas has morphed into three evil triplets dispensing everybody’s favourite presents: Sex, drugs, and Rock’n’Roll. Who said the Christmas spirit was dead? It’s alive and well and living at the bottom of a bottle of Jack Daniels!”

Ladeez an’ ginnlemenn… I give you, the Attack of the Mini-Santas!

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Beale St.Boogie

Just so much music oozing out of every pore in this great city. If Memphis is the blues, then Beale street is its heart, pumping away nightly with its infectious rhythms, served up with catfish and chicken wings. Walking down Beale is like a living history lesson.

A band ply their trade in the outdoor pavilion, overlooked by a statue of W C Handy

 Strolling down this boulevard of memories, you notice the golden notes embedded in the sidewalk commemorating all the famous names that have graced the stages, and large signposts that tell you their history.

 As we approached the New Daisy theatre, we noticed a band set up on the sidewalk playing some real down home original blues. Big Jerry and his band were in town, purveyors of the genuine article, right there in the street. It was exactly as I’d hoped. I went over and bought their CD, and they asked where I was from.” UK, via Spain, I replied, and this is the fulfillment of a dream.”

Big Jerry jus' doin' his thang......

 At the top end of Beale sits Elvis Presley plaza, where a statue of the King of Rock’n’Roll strums his guitar a respectful distance from the legends who pre-dated and inspired him.

………..but more on Elvis later, as we pay our respects just a couple of weeks after what would have been his 75th birthday.

Kev Moore

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