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The Writing Process…..working on a follow-up to Witch Cross’ 1984 release ‘Fit for Fight’

..we don’t really write it down like this…I don’t even think Mozart wrote ‘Freewheel Burning’ this way….

People often ask me ‘how do you start to write a song?’ Well, there is no one answer.  I’ve written alone for many years, sometimes starting with merely a title, sometimes a few chords, or a melody, even just a sound can set me off on a path that results in a complete song.

When you start factoring in a writing partner, you are often running a risk.  I’ve written with someone else before – Adrian Foster from Tubeless Hearts – and we had a good working relationship. Now, I’m working with Mike Koch, as we put together a hopefully fitting follow up to Witch Cross‘ cult Metal classic ‘Fit for Fight‘.

What made that release so great in my opinion, was the immediacy, the sheer strength, of the songs. That is what we’re faced with emulating if we can.

With the advent of the internet, ‘remotely writing’ has become much easier, and Mike and I have developed a great ‘ping-pong’ style of writing as we bounce the song back and forth across cyberspace, changing and moulding it along the way, until we arrive at a concise demo that we’re both happy with. It’s a great system, because we’re both very honest with each other, keeping true to the genre and style of the band, and recognizing that whatever we do, it has to be for the good of the song.

The band was initially born of the late 70’s/early 80’s ‘New Wave of Heavy Metal’, and while  we are planning to use all that modern production can offer, we are taking care to make sure it remains faithful to that era.  This involves a discipline, because in effect we’re writing in a different time, and you have to put aside influences that may have crossed your path along the way.  I’m enjoying writing this way, because it is very different to how I’ve written songs before. My songwriting is often eclectic – my last solo album encompassed a huge number of styles across 18 songs, and I’ve also written songs in different styles to complement articles on my radio show, but that is not what is called for here. What we’re doing is tapping into the vibe that existed when bands like Saxon, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden first came onto the scene. With that in mind, it was great when, as we toured with Swiss band Gotthard recently, their guitarist Leo commented that Mike and Paul’s guitars in Witch Cross had that ‘Saxon‘ quality – occupying different places in the sound spectrum, but complementing each other perfectly, just like Graham Oliver’s and Paul Quinn’s did on their classic hits.

I think we’re on the right track!  The most important thing, at least from a songwriter’s perspective, is that we’re not drying up, the ideas are coming thick and fast! So roll on 2013, when we’ll unleash the new Witch Cross album on the world, almost 30 years after its predecessor – it’s been a long time comin’!

Kev Moore

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Back to the Grindstone….

This week I’m trying to do some more preparatory work on my next solo album, whilst also being “on call” for Mike from BC Sweet who is putting the finishing touches to one of our new tracks. I’m in the “workmanlike” stage of my project, where I’m detailing every dodgy piano note, repairing bits here and there and generally trying to knock into shape ideas that are not yet complete songs. It doesn’t feel particularly creative, but it’s a necessary part of the process. Once I’m back in the swing of things it should move along nicely, but the sunshine has a way of luring you away from the studio!

I’ve also been distracted by my football team’s (Derby County) legendary victory over our bitterest rivals (Nottingham Forest) and felt compelled to record a version of “Wish you were Here” to commemorate it! You can download it here:

We’ve been quite busy with BC Sweet too, involving a lot of travelling, so that’s kept me away from the studio at times. Still, I have time to get cracking on my usual stuff, as my next show with BC Sweet isn’t until mid October.

Kev Moore

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Fallen Idol

I just unearthed a song I’m going to use for my next album, that I wrote about the late Amy Winehouse. I wanted to publish the lyrics here. They’re unaltered, and exactly as I wrote them on 19th.May 2008. Reading them again, I could clearly see it coming, as I’m sure those nearest and dearest could too. What I’ll never understand, not being a drug addict or alcoholic or having to deal with one, is how they could not prevent it. But , as always in these cases, we can rest easy knowing someone, somewhere is getting very, very rich.


Turns to stone if she’s, on her own
Photo flash, then she’s golden trash
A modern-day Medusa bent on taking her own life
Pity all the people that had prayed that she would survive

She’s a fallen idol, she’s a fallen idol to me
No-one to rely on, maybe you could try one and see

Nature’s way, or, so they say
Worldly-wise, but with those, vacant eyes
A world of self-delusion in her celebrated state
Her tattoos tell the story – an illustrated fate

Not so long ago we’re told, all the streets were paved with gold
Everybody young and old, warmly welcomed to the fold
Damaged hearts repent in haste, always leave a bitter taste
No more wishes left to waste, you can see it in her face

She’s a fallen idol, she’s a fallen idol to me
No-one to rely on, maybe you could try one and see
She’s a fallen idol, she’s a fallen idol to me
No-one to rely on, maybe you could try one and see

Freshly dead, newly wed
Had to die to see those sales go high
A universal profit on the back of her demise
International webcasts drown the sounds of a mother’s cries
(yes they do)

She’s a fallen idol, she’s a fallen idol to me
No-one to rely on, maybe you could try one and see
She’s a fallen idol, she’s a fallen idol to me
No-one to rely on, maybe you could try one and see

Lyrics © Kev Moore May 19, 2008

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The Songwriter Diaries

Now available on Jamendo to download ABSOLUTELY FREE is my ‘new’ album, The Songwriter Diaries. I put ‘new’ in inverted commas because, there’s very little new about it really, and I wouldn’t even call it an album as such, more like a peek inside an artist’s sketchbook, a glance at pieces worked on, nearly finished, unfinished, polished and rough, but essentially, what the artist is about. I’ve purposely avoided messing with these songs and instrumentals, I wanted to give a snapshot of some of the work that, for one reason or another has ‘fallen through the cracks’ or not been generally heard before. The result is eclectic to say the least – download it by clicking on the image below and see what you think!


All Music & Lyrics © Kev Moore – 2009, 2010, 2011

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Blue Odyssey debuts in Lucainena…..

L-R: Kev, Francis, Mario

When I started out on the Blue Odyssey project, I don’t think I could have ever imagined that some of the songs from my forthcoming album would receive their first airing played live in public at a small village fiesta up in the hills near where I live!  But that’s exactly what happened. Along with Mario Moriche (guitar) and Francis Gonzalez (Drums) we appeared in Lucainena as part of their Fiesta celebrations billed as ‘Kev Moore and The Mezcaleros”.

Gettin' down to it

We’d put together a 2 hour set of rock and blues, ranging from Gun, ZZ Top, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Free and Bad Company, through to several Hendrix tracks, as the show coincided with the 40th anniversary of his death. But the highlight for me was being able to showcase three of the songs from my new album: “Parrot Beach Cafe” , “Brought it down in Austin’ and “Blue me Away”. I have to thank Mario and Francis for taking the time to learn them so that I could try them out on an unsuspecting public!

We were also very well taken care of by the owners of the local restaurant that booked us, being served up a beautiful three course meal beforehand.

We’ll be taking the show out again in a couple of weeks – this time for our own village fiesta – Turre, at Mario’s place, Bar Zambra.

Kev Moore

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METRO Interview

I was recently interviewed by the METRO Newspaper and it featured last Thursday in their SEEN & HEARD section. I thought I’d share it with you here:


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We’ll always be the Derby

One of the bigger challenges for the Derby CD I’m making was the cover of this Billy Joel classic, originally entitled “We didn’t start the fire“. Like Joel attempted to give a potted history of the World since the 50’s – I’ve tried to create a potted history of Derby County since their inception in 1884. And guess what? – I needed two more verses than Billy Joel to do it! What you see below is the rough lyric. I’ve yet to sing it, (though I’ve nearly finished the instrumentation) so some bits might have to be altered to scan better. Some names will be familiar, some less so, but it’s all Derby!

Born in 1884, Right after the Boer War
’88 we helped to build the Football league

Harry Newbould Jimmy Methven Cecil Potter Stu MacMillan
Ted Magner Jack Barker Harry Storer goes

Steve Bloomer and the “B’s” Gallacher takes second place
Charlton extra time, 4-1 and doing fine
Gypsy curse, bad to worse, ’53 leave the first
Third division beckoning, syonara, goodbye

We’ll always be the Derby
Since the league was started and we won’t be parted
We’ll always be the Derby
And we’ll keep on winning with the fans all singing

Tim Ward had it tough, gave the reins to Brian Clough
What a feller!  put the mighty Rams on top
Roy Mac, Archie G, Hector, Hinton, Hennessy
Dave Mackay, Colin Todd – Solid as a rock

Boulton first seen, now we’ve got a winning team
First Division ’69 Finished fourth the first time
Spartak, Benfica, all of Europe came here
Bitter taste –  what disgrace, trouble with the “Juves”


Mac in charge back on track, Frannie Lee and fighting back
Longson out!  we all shout  – Clough is legend there’s no doubt
’80 -Going down – stay is not a happy one
Third division Suicide -what for 1985?
Two seasons Arthur Cox turns the tide and stops the rot
Second tier, better show, won it at the first go
Fifth in 1989, Shilton, Saunders doin’ fine
UEFA pandemonium ‘cos of Heysel Stadium


Maxwell blackened name, leaves the “Lady Ghislaine”
Derby, teetering, bought by Lionel Pickering
Record signing-mania following our failure
Roy Mac comes back, Fester city, soon sacked
Jim Smith, Stimac, Second place and we’re back
Premier league- I’m blown away – what else do I have to say?


Finish 12th, like a dream, Steve McClaren on the scene
Baiano, Eranio two good seasons here we go
Seemed like we were doing fine, then terror on the decline
Bald eagle on his own, one above the drop zone

Gregory, Burley, bought by Peter Gadsby
Phil Brown, nearly down , saved by Terry Westley
Billy Davies play- off show, betrayed after that though
Money mess, must confess -its the three amigos!


Premier season of doom, one win in a blue moon
Davies on his bike and now the Jewell don’t shine
Tacky tabloid exposé, cannot get the team to play
Jewell has lost the dressing room, singing to a different tune

Adam Pearson ’09 Derby make the headlines
Nigel Clough, has the stuff, management the players love
Commons, Teale, Savage too they all want to play for you
Derby football on the floor, you wont beat us anymore!


© Lyrics Kev Moore 2009

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Strange Costumes – The Video

It felt like a natural progression to create a video to accompany this joint project between myself and Shelley House, an American artist/writer and friend. It features a host of images I felt appropriate to the wonderful lyrics, plus a few shots of me thrown in, plus a painting of me by Miki, plus some of Shelley’s bird illustrations, morphed and tampered with in iPhoto and Windows movie maker!

I enjoyed working on this, part of Shelley’s “Altered book” project, and the good news is….Part two coming soon!

© Kev Moore 2009: Lyrics and bird illustrations by ShelleyMHouse

Painting of Kev Moore & Additional Photo Manipulation by Miki

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Strange Costumes – A new Collaboration

Words can’t express how exciting it is to create with my friends in Cafe Crem!  Certainly, from my perspective, it affords me a wonderful new window on my work, and how I approach music making and songwriting. This latest project was inspired by the haunting words of Shelley M House, an American artist and writer who I’ve come to know through Cafe Crem. Her latest piece, shown here, is the beginning of her exciting “Altered Book project” – and I believe it is alive with possibilities. The song you will hear when you click on the link is my interpretation, word for word  – of Shelley’s piece. Enjoy!

Strange Costumes – The Song

© 2009 Music by Kev Moore, Lyrics by Shelley M House


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The Co-Op Cow

The Bovine Rouge

The Bovine Rouge

As events gathered apace surrounding my song for Derby County Football Club, I found myself needing at least one more song for inclusion on a projected CD single to accompany the digital download. In the final analysis, I decided on three tracks, including the title track. The third, which I will present in the future, is inspired by the village where we live in Spain, but the second, which I present for your perusal today, is very much a tale based in my hometown of Derby. I have spent most of the last two days writing and recording it. It’s a  tale of disastrous love, set against the backdrop of a number of well-known Derby locations, the “star” of which is The Co-Op Cow. The Cow was a “welcome home” to returning Derbyians, its red neon glow instantly visible on the Skyline. It survived many attempts to remove it, and a petition saved it from the scrapheap some years ago. To be honest I’m not even sure if it still remains, but if it does, surely it’s days are numbered.

The references to “Blesso’s” is a nickname for a popular town centre pub – The Blessington Carriage(where I gigged as a teenager) and “Sadler gate” is a trendy walking street where it used to be possible to browse a wonderful record shop called R.E.Cords, where I got my education. I also used to rehearse above a shop down the same street. Pride Park is of course, Derby’s football ground. Just click on the title to play!

The Co-Op Cow

Meet me beneath the CO-OP Cow
Round about quarter to 10
I know we’ve had problems, I know we’ve had rows
But red neon will light us again

I’d spent my last wages on half melted chocolates
And nicked some wild daffys down Markeaton park
But she still wouldn’t give me the time of the day
So I’m stumped as to handling this romantic lark

We’ve had halves down the Blessos, and I shot some pool
I took her down Sadlergate, bought a kebab
But the fairer sex seems to confuse as a rule
So she legged it when I called a cab

Meet me beneath the CO-OP Cow
Round about quarter to 10
I know we’ve had problems, I know we’ve had rows
But red neon will light us again

The last chance saloon, as I walked up the Morledge
She’d finally agreed to meet up in the town
I waited, and waited, ’til the clock said 5 after
As the Derbyshire rain soaked
The loneliest man in the town

Now I’ll stay out the Blessos, I’ll never play pool
And you’ll never find me down old Sadlergate
Well the Co-op Cow’s big girl, but you are a bigger one
I’m down Pride Park with me mates

Meet me beneath the CO-OP Cow
Round about quarter to 10
I know we’ve had problems, I know we’ve had rows
But red neon will light us again

© Kev Moore Music and lyrics 2009

The Co-op Cow and other songs are available to buy as a digital download from here:


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