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The New Orleans Suite

Joan of Arc, obviously a Saints fan then, being a Saint, and from Orleans and stuff...

The influence of New Orleans on me during our American trip earlier this year was so great that there are no fewer than three songs that deal with different aspects of that fabulous city that will appear on my Blue Odyssey album. I’m considering linking them somehow to form a “New Orleans Suite”, perhaps with ‘vox pops’ from New Orleans residents. The three songs are widely differing in style, Who Dat is funky, Ol’ New Orleans is very zydeco, and XXX is , well, a heavy rock blues with an acoustic beginning and an off-the-wall solo section. But the common thread is the city, whether it be the triumph of The Saints at the Superbowl, the pleasure of the Mardi Gras, Bourbon Street, the French Quarter  and the musical heritage therein, or the otherworldly Voodoo influences of Marie Laveau.It is the song dealing with the latter to which I’ve currently turned my attention.

One thing is for sure. It is impossible to visit such a city and not come away with a host of wonderful ideas and influences. Manna from heaven for a songwriter!

Kev Moore

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Funked up – Song for the Saints

I’ve done a rough mix of one of the tracks from the “Blue Odyssey” project – ‘Pass the Biscuits’ – and sent it over to my mate Stef for him to add his distinctive drumming to.  In the meantime, I’ve turned my attention to ‘Who Dat’ – which will be the second of three songs that relate to the New Orleans part of our journey around the Southern states.

It really is a vehicle for the chant of the New Orleans Saints American football team –who dat say dey gonna beat dem saints?!! and I wanted a N’awlins funk back drop to it.  A consequence of working with Stef again – some thirty-odd years later (!)  is a chance to revisit some strange time signatures and rhythms. Our old band Crosstown Traffic took such musical meanderings to the Nth. degree, and when I played some of the old tapes to my son Corey recently, he was blown away!

So yesterday I began to tack a passage onto the main funk theme where I can keep the listener guessing. We were always proud in the old days that people couldn’t dance to our stuff! This track promises to lull people into a false sense of security, then throw them for a loop just after the chorus. That’s the beauty of recording and releasing material on your own label – You can do any damn thing you want!

Kev Moore

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