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Don’t forget music-lovers, I have a host of product out there: including 2 full albums as digital downloads, “The Long Walk Home” and “The Songwriter Diaries” COMPLETELY FREE! Plus, available to buy from Shop:Kev,  My DCFC tribute CD “Fan Fayre for the Commons People”, and my latest CD, the 18 track “Blue Odyssey”.

Click on the picture links to explore, listen, download and buy!

Kev Moore

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My music, Online and Hard Copy!

Today I wanted to feature some of my recorded works, and how to get them!

You can buy the Tubeless Hearts album “Three”, my DCFC album “Fan Fayre for the Commons People”, my covers project album Dedication:“Under the Covers” and of course my new album “Blue Odyssey” all from our online shop MIKISMART.

My 2009 solo album “The Long Walk Home” is also available online absolutely FREE by clicking on the album image below:

Kev Moore


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As the year draws to a close…..

So, the year’s gigs with Christie and BC Sweet have come to an end as we prepare for Christmas. It’s been a great year, particularly for Christie, playing to thousands of people around Europe and we look forward to building on that in 2010 when Yellow River unbelievably celebrates its 40th. anniversary!  Released in 1970, it held the Number 1 spot in the UK for 3 weeks, and also hit the top spot in countless other countries worldwide.
Time for me now, though, to concentrate a little on my solo material, and push my album “The Long Walk Home” further out there into cyberspace, trying to attract new listeners.  Don’t forget, if you haven’t already, you can download it by clicking on the link in the sidebar.
I’m also going to do a couple of shows locally this month – An acoustic set with my friend Mario tomorrow night right here in Turre, and then some rock and blues with Mario’s band “Los Mezcaleros” at Harley D’s down the Coast on December 20th.
I’ve also started collaborating with Miki again on some animated projects featuring a blend of her artwork and mine, plus its giving me the opportunity to work in a different discipline, providing 15 second soundbytes of music to accompany the animated shorts. It’s great fun!
Kev Moore

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The Long Journey of The Long Walk Home

As a performer, I am lucky enough to have featured on a number of CD’s by established names throughout my career, and even a couple of CD’s from bands of my own. But the journey I have taken as a songwriter and solo artist is a tougher one. It is very difficult to try and market yourself to record companies as an individual, and as the music business changes with ever more alarming rapidity, I took the decision to release my first all-original solo album via the creative commons route with the web label Jamendo. This means that I can offer it to the general public free of charge, while Jamendo work on my behalf to place my music commercially to the corporate sector (films, videos, shops and restaurants, etc)

The album has its beginnings in 2007, and the bulk of it was written in 2008.  I wanted to ‘set it free’ so to speak, so I can move on and continue writing new material. I believe I will only continue to have the energy to create as long as I know it will have a chance to be heard, so it was with this in mind that I decided to give people the opportunity to download this album free of charge. By clicking on the link in the sidebar, you can access the download page for the album, and also view tracklistings and lyrics. It is an eclectic mix of styles, and I make no apology for that. Freeing yourself of traditional music business restraints means finding your creative freedom!

Kev Moore

Album cover artwork by Miki

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