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A load of Bull….

So, as I emerge from my flu-ridden/migraine/toss-my-cookies torpor, I surprise myself by creating some original music for a video showcasing Miki’s “Toroscapes”. These are just one aspect of her portrayal of The Bullfight – these being the product of mixed techniques involving classical painting (pastel, watercolour, acrylics) and digital art.

Not being Spanish, I haven’t really anything to draw on musically except cliche, which I’m sure I’ve failed to avoid, but I wanted to at least give the track some kind of excitement, and movement, as Miki’s artworks most certainly do that. I also have a couple of half-finished Flamenco-inspired ideas, so don’t be surprised to see a Spanish themed project rear it’s head once I’ve got Blue Odyssey up and running!

Anyway, here it is, the video I made of Miki’s Toroscapes, and original music by me, entitled:


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