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Okay….so for a brief shining period, WE were a Power Trio!

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Further to my recent post about the resurgence of power trios, it was pointed out to me that my old band, TUBELESS HEARTS, was exactly that, particularly around the time we released our 1994 album ‘Three’ – still somewhat sought after by collectors. True, we expanded the remit somewhat when we recorded, utilizing keyboards on some songs, and guitar overdubs, but live we were a much more raw proposition, juxtaposing tracks from the album with hard-hitting rock standards such as ‘Won’t get fooled again’.

Fos Foster - Guitars

Fos Foster – Guitars

           I discovered these pics while tidying the studio this morning, so I thought I’d dust them off and scan them.

Yours truly: Bass/Lead Vocals & Keys

Yours truly: Bass/Lead Vocals & Keys
Simon Kay - Drums/Vocals

Simon Kay – Drums/Vocals

It was a very creative time for me personally, and Fos and I wrote well together, and until I started working with Mike Koch on the new Witch Cross material, the only time I’ve had a good writing partnership.  You can hear one of the tracks below, a funk-rock workout called ‘The Pimp’.

I thought I’d take a moment to remember what a great unit this was. I count myself lucky to still be able to play with these guys, as we get together on occasion as three-quarters of the group CHRISTIE, fronted by multi-million selling hitmaker Jeff Christie.

Here’s the album we made together:


Kev Moore

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My music, Online and Hard Copy!

Today I wanted to feature some of my recorded works, and how to get them!

You can buy the Tubeless Hearts album “Three”, my DCFC album “Fan Fayre for the Commons People”, my covers project album Dedication:“Under the Covers” and of course my new album “Blue Odyssey” all from our online shop MIKISMART.

My 2009 solo album “The Long Walk Home” is also available online absolutely FREE by clicking on the album image below:

Kev Moore


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Valuable in hindsight

Yep, that's our lil' ol' album, going for a small fortune.....

Yet again I have been staggered by the discovery on the internet of yet more of my old band Tubeless Hearts‘ back catalogue being bandied about on the internet for outrageous sums!  Not only that, but file hosting sites are offering our first single (both sides!) as a free digital download. Even I didn’t have that until a few weeks ago, when I ripped it off a video a complete stranger had put up on youtube!

(I will probably be putting the Telephone/Paperback Romance single on my Jamendo site as a download in the near future, complete with artwork.)

Yet another starring roll for the "Three" album

It’s the lure of the unobtainable. In both cases, the album and the single, they were limited releases, which means the market wasn’t flooded with copies, and only a very limited number were used for promo, so they really are as rare as the proverbial rocking horse droppings!

There’s a part of me that bristles with indignation at the free downloading, but hey, the songs out there, and people are downloading and listening to it, so on balance, that’s a good thing. But you know….with the album…..I still have a very few copies left for a normal price, so grab yourself a sound investment!

Kev Moore

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Time travel

The cassette I unearthed was dustier than this one, but at least mine had all the tape INSIDE!

The cassette I unearthed was dustier than this one, but at least mine had all the tape INSIDE!

Some days ago, a name from the past reappeared on my mailbox. That name was Stefan Cybichowski,  someone I hadn’t heard from for over 30 years. We used to share a flat in Derby, when he was a part-time drummer working at an electrical wholesalers, and I was a part-time bassist working at a power station.  Together, we were part of a band called “Crosstown Traffic“.  It was great to hear from him again, and it re-kindled a lot of old memories about those days. It also prompted me to dig around and I unearthed a dusty, badly-oxidized cassette of the band, circa 1978.  I remembered that we used to record things simply back then, to put it mildly. The rehearsals were recorded by putting a mono cassette recorder on the floor in the middle of us all, and using the built-in mic.  Needless to say, the sound quality left a lot to be desired, even on a pristine new tape listened to at the time, but stick on 30-odd years, and it takes on a strange quality, as though your past is an old, crumbling house and you are afforded a glimpse of it through murky cobwebbed windows.  It was fascinating, and I sought to clean up the tape as best I could. The results weren’t perfect, but after realizing what a fine set of songs we wrote, I am resolved to investing in some software to get the best out of these precious recordings.

One of the songs, “The Pimp” was re-worked and made it onto our Tubeless Hearts album in 1994, and you can listen to the ’94 version here:

The Pimp

It was originally written in 1977. I would love to do a project where I re-record all of the songs with modern technology. A task appreciated perhaps by only the former band members maybe, but a labour of love nonetheless. The song I retrieved and sent to Stef last week was ‘Takin’ Time’. I salvaged it from the rehearsal snippets and tried to recreate its original format with some judicious editing. The sound quality is not great, but i think its worth persevering with. So listen to “Takin’Time” below, warts and all, and I’ll raise a glass to those guys that made making music such fun in those formative years:

Mark Bryan “Honeycombe” – Lead Guitar

Adrian “Fos” Foster – Guitar

Kev Moore – Bass

Jim Thomson – Vocals

Stefan Cybichowski – Drums

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Building a dream

A musical interlude during construction

A musical interlude during construction

In the Muso community, we have an expression, used when a drummer is getting a bit carried away with his fills – “building a shed”.

I found myself worthy of this tagline quite literally this past week, as I’ve been working up a good honest sweat building my own “shed” – A sound studio in our apartment for recording and songwriting, just big enough to accommodate me, and perhaps one other foolish enough to collaborate with me from time to time!

The remit I gave myself was simple: it had to be compact, stylish, and above all, as soundproof as I could make it under the circumstances. My first mistake was deciding to do it myself!

Although I’ve amazed myself with the way it’s beginning to turn out, I’ve got muscles hurting I didn’t know I had, and blisters threaten every time I turn the damn screwdriver…but I know the minute I sit down in my black leather chair for the first time when it’s all completed, I’ll feel a sense of achievement that would surely be missing if I’d put the job out to someone else.

With a nostalgic nod to the past, I’m going for powder blue and black as the colour scheme – chosen because the last two studios I’ve been involved in creating, and where my old band TUBELESS HEARTS recorded most of their stuff – were in these colours. So far, the framework is up, and the door is hung, giving me a “vestibule” that separates the studio from the rest of our home, and a lowered ceiling to insulate us from the neighbours above. As my recording process now almost exclusively revolves around an iMac and a workstation, I only need a control room, which for the most part will see me surrounded by a worktop, 5 guitars and speakers…heaven!

I have created this new site with the aim of it becoming the focal point for all my musical activities. I hope to share the creation process with you, and at the same time make it an outlet for my solo releases. The finished product, if you will. From time to time I’ll post videos related to my performances with various bands over the years and songs and demos for you to listen to, and comment on. but for now…it’s back to building the dream!

Kev Moore

Photo by Miki

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