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London bound…..


Sunday evening I’ll be flying into London Gatwick for a couple of days in order to put down the final vocals for the upcoming Witch Cross album. It’s an exciting , busy month, especially for Mike, who is busy collating all the various parts, Jan’s bass, recorded in Denmark for instance, plus the guest appearances, some of which are being recorded by my son Corey in the North of England and sent down to Mike to drop into the metal brew! We have a metal legend mixing the album at the end of January, and some great artwork in progress for the cover. We’re really proud of these songs, and can’t wait to bring them to you live out on the road in 2013. It’s gonna be monster!

Kev Moore

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First Witch Cross videocast from The Indalo cave!

Yes folks, I’ve ‘gone public’ and posted a new video from my studio here in Almeria province, Spain, giving a sneak preview of a new Witch Cross song  and speaking a little about Metal Magic V. There will be more occasional videocasts such as this one, so keep a look out!

Kev Moore

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Witch Cross live at Metal Magic V – Part 2

Here’s a few more shots from our gig at Metal Magic V in Fredericia, Denmark at the weekend. Hoping to really ramp things up in 2013 with a new album and more dates!

We were really encouraged by the fan reaction to the new song we’ve introduced to the show – ‘Demon in the Mirror’, and we’re hoping to put another couple of new ones in soon.

Don’t forget to check out THE WITCH CROSS WEBSITE for all the latest news, photos and merchandise!

Kev Moore

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Here I am on a July Morning…. a Witch Cross at Metal Magic V post

Witch Cross in Amager, Copenhagen July 2012 L-R: Poul, Lars, Mike, Jan, Kev

“Metal Magic – Trying to kill you since 2008..” I think they’re getting the hang of it…

Poul and Mike ready to leave Helsingor for the gig

Battered and bruised by my four flights, four long drives in two days schedule, I arrived back home in Spain in the early hours of this morning after  a great few days with the guys from Witch Cross. We played the Metal Magic V festival in Fredericia, Denmark,  along with the likes of Damien Thorne, Hell, and Crystal Viper, and had a blast!  Want to give a big shout out to Martin, Lisa and all the organisers and technicians for making everything run smoothly for us.

Ole and Lars compare alcoholic beverages. Ole had already ‘compared’ quite a few….

It was especially cool for us, because it was our first ‘return’ gig on Danish soil, and added to that we were joined on stage by Alex Nyborg Madsen, Witch Cross’ original singer – and we did an impromptu metal duet of ‘Are you There’ – the first single!

The Bar.

“…where’s my fucking schnitzel?”

The fans were absolutely awesome, and always make the whole thing worthwhile. Next up, Mike and I will get back to working on new material, and then we get ready to play the Heavy metal maniacs festival in Hoorn, Holland, On October 27th.

Dead Babies. You can’t really do a Metal show without ’em….

More from the festival later!

Kev Moore

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Metal Magic V in Fredericia, Denmark with Witch Cross!

Heading out to Copenhagen tomorrow for the pre-show rehearsal for our appearance at METAL MAGIC V in Fredericia, Denmark, on – what else? FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH!!  It’s a real honour to front the band for the first gig in their homeland for many many years.

Can’t wait to kick some metal ass!

Kev Moore

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More from Keep it True – On the Road with Witch Cross!

Here’s our little promo from the Keep it True Festival – if it looks like we were having a good time, it’s highly likely that we were!

For more Witch Cross, go HERE

Kev Moore

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Witch Cross website now fully active!

Image For all things Witch Cross: News, Merch, Albums, gigs and pics etc, just log on to:


Clicking on the image above will take you directly to

Kev Moore


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Keep it True 2012

As a band, we were overwhelmed by the response from the fans as we took the classic Witch Cross songs back into the live arena for the first time in decades.  I felt hugely privileged to be a part of the moment. To hear the crowd singing not only the lyrics to Fight the fire, but also Mike’s guitar line, was incredibly moving!

Here’s some amateur video footage of some of the numbers from the gig:




Meeting die-hard fans with faithful recreations of the Fit for fight album cover on their jacket, or in one case as a spectacular tattoo on his back, really strengthened our belief that the time is right to return and bring these songs back to life.

Keep it True has always been renowned for its great vibe, and KIT XV was no exception. Oliver and his team triumphed once again with an eclectic line-up that brought fans from all over the world together in a metallic party!

Post-signing session L-R: Jan, Poul, Mike, AC, Kev. In front: Ole- Roadie, T-shirt model and Lord high executioner!

Our signing session had been a bit delayed because of the previous band, and we were held back, so we weren’t in place at the advertised time and I understand some fans missed out on getting their boxsets signed. The band would like to apologize to anyone who missed out.

Ole also edits an excellent fanzine dedicated to obscure metal. Check it out at

We were blown away with our reception at the weekend, and we hope to catch some of you at Metal Magic in Fredericia, Jylland, Denmark on July 15th!

Kev Moore


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Witch Cross – STILL Fit for Fighting!


Witch Cross 2012 pose in Copenhagen with original singer Alex Nyborg Madsen:

L-R: AC, Kev, Mike, Alex, Poul, Jan

Well, I’m back home under the Spanish sun after an epic journey home, via van, train, bus, plane and car, absolutely shattered but overjoyed at the success of the Witch Cross gig at KEEP IT TRUE in Lauda Konigshofen, Southern Germany. Following a days rehearsal in Copenhagen , we hit the road and drove for what must have been about fourteen hours down to the hotel, just some minutes from the festival site. After rehearsals with the band, Anders the drummer very kindly put me up for the night in his lovely home, and breakfast time saw me rocking with his young son, Christian!


The rehearsals went very smoothly, and it was fantastic to hook up finally with Jan, Anders and Poul, and a delight to meet the original singer Alex, who was very gracious and is very supportive of what we’re doing, not to mention being a great photographer – he captured us in full flow as we ran the Witch cross songs for the first time in many, many years:





All rehearsal photos by Alex Nyborg Madsen

It was truly a pleasure working with these great guys and I can’t wait for the next one, which is  the METAL MAGIC festival in Copenhagen which runs over 4 days in July 11-12-13-14. I think we’re on July 13th – more info as I get it.

The long journey through Germany was relieved by several breaks, including the all-important Schnitzel stop!


Another bonus was meeting Lips and Robb from Anvil – sat in the German sunshine listening to Rob’s recollections of life before and after THAT movie was an education, and great fun!


Much, much more to come from the land of Witch Cross – watch this space!!!

Kev Moore

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Out in the Islands

As some of you may know, I’ve just returned from a couple of months touring around Cyprus and Crete, and as the former is now home to my dear friend and one-time bandmate and producer Clyde Ward, Miki and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity of dropping in for a visit. Sadly, his wife Jane was in the UK, so we didn’t get to see her, but at least she phoned up to ensure he was looking after us! 🙂

We go back a long way – here’s the two of us (yes, I’m blonde!) at The Pipeline club in New Jersey, on The Gonads 1998 U.S.Tour

I see Clyde too infrequently, he’s a good mate and we did some good work and had some great times together. But who knows what’s around the corner? We may do something together again one day.

When I recorded with him many years ago, he had a wonderful German shepherd called Indy. Indy’s long since passed on – but the two beauties he’s got now are fabulous!

Tomorrow, I’m off traveling again, flying via London to Copenhagen for final rehearsals with Witchcross before  our appearance at the Keep it true festival in Germany on Friday. Get ready to rock!

Kev Moore

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