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Witch Cross at CHAOS DESCENDS! Part Two

Here’s a fan-shot video from CHAOS DESCENDS of us performing “Rocking the Night Away”. Hope you all enjoy it!

It was a real pleasure to get back to Germany and rock the fans…now we wait for September, when it’s the turn of Denmark and Sweden!

Kev Moore




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Witch Cross return to rock Germany!


Totally stoked about our upcoming appearance at the CHAOS DESCENDS Festival, which takes place at Ferienland CRISPENDORF between 16-18 July.

We’ll be hitting the stage at 19.50 on Saturday 18th, just before SWANS, who I’m looking forward to checking out.

7Horn 2


WITCH CROSS will be making a few more live appearances this year, so keep an eye out on these pages for more news!

Kev Moore


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I’m back!


Yes, dear readers it’s been a long time, but I’m going to try and find time to rekindle my blog posts. Owing to the fact that it’s been forever since I’ve been on here, the next few posts will probably be retrospective in nature… so let’s get right down to it with WITCH CROSS’ first ever appearance in the UK  at the Mighty BROFEST in March of this year.


We had an absolute ball, and you can too…the entire set is here in this article for you to watch!


Support these wonderful regional festivals and KEEP METAL ALIVE!


twitter:  @witchcrossdk


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Metal Odyssey puts DEMON IN THE MIROR at #2 in it’s Top 10 songs of 2013! Hell yeah!

Metal Odyssey > Heavy Metal Music Blog

Revolution Harmony - We Are - promo cover pic - #2

METAL ODYSSEY’S TOP TEN SONGS OF 2013 – Within the release of untold thousands of Hard Rock and Metal songs during this past year, these are the songs chosen as Metal Odyssey’s Top Ten Of 2013! 

This is a list of songs that I’ve turned to countless times during 2013; songs to psyche me out, lift me up and shake me loose! I hail the musicians and songwriters behind each song listed here; for each song on this list is uniquely special. A link is below each album cover; sending you to a 2013 Metal Odyssey post featured on that respective song. I sincerely hope you can enjoy one, a few or all of these songs!

Metal be thy name. – Stone



Krokus - Dirty Dynamite - promo cover pic!

KROKUS “Dög Song” – New Music Video ROCKS And Is Hilarious!

Above link is for an original post featured on Metal Odyssey on June…

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WITCH CROSS “Axe To Grind” – A Legendary Return To Metal Prominence!

Great review from Metal Odyssey!

Metal Odyssey > Heavy Metal Music Blog


5 Out Of 5 METAL Fists!


WITCH CROSS – With two original band members (guitarist/songwriter Mike Koch, bassist Jan Normark), the legendary True Metal attack of WITCH CROSS has returned for their sophomore studio album: Axe To Grind (Hells Headbangers). These Danish Metal warriors indeed have returned! Fans of WITCH CROSS and Traditional Metal most likely never thought a follow-up to 1984’s (debut) FitFor Fight would ever come to pass; I was certainly one of them! Now I’m forever psyched-out… Metal be thy name.

Once news broke of a WITCH CROSS reunion, with live gigs and Festival performances taking flight in Europe these last two years, the momentum of this dynamic Metal band metamorphosed into a flaming Metal juggernaut! Axe ToGrind has proven to my Metal soul and senses that it’s truly a spectacular return to Metal prominence for WITCH CROSS; with the songwriting…

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KEV MOORE Of WITCH CROSS – Reveals What Album He Cannot Live Without!

An article I wrote recently for the most excellent METAL ODYSSEY!

Metal Odyssey > Heavy Metal Music Blog

Kev Moore - live concert photo!

Kev Moore


This post marks the first of (hopefully) many features that showcase musicians and the album they cannot live without. Every music lover has that one album they cannot live without! I would think, anyways! Metal be thy name.

The only parameters I’ve asked from each gracious participant is that they notchoose an album of their own and they can answer in as many words as they would like. Our first participant is Kev Moore! Kev has a Rock ‘N Roll resume that is exceptional, is a multi-instrumentalist and is the lead vocalist/songwriter for the legendary Witch Cross.

Here’s Kev Moore’s album he cannot live without, in his own words:


Way back in the hazy days of the early 1970’s, barely a month went by without a band releasing an album of note. They were the times. Rock music was gaining momentum…

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All Hail The Mighty WITCH CROSS, For “Demon In The Mirror” Is: Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

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Metal Odyssey > Heavy Metal Music Blog


WITCH CROSS – Honestly, the Metal comeback story of the legendary WITCH CROSS is one for the METAL ages. Who would think this Metal band would ever return? And return they have! With a Metal vengeance! With their (also legendary) peers SATAN making a Metal comeback as well in 2013, I couldn’t be more overflowing with Metal glee!

What’s so remarkably impressive about this WITCH CROSS Metal comeback are their (obvious) connection to their fans, their wooing same fans at various European Metal festivals and the lead single, Demon In The Mirror, from their forthcoming NEW studio album: Axe To Grind.

Witch Cross - Group Promo Pic - Logo - 2013 - #1

Metal as my witness, Demon In The Mirror has made me feel like a Metal kid again; making me feel the way I did when I first heard such classic Metal songs as: You’ve Got Another ThingComin’ (Judas Priest), Denim And Leather (Saxon), Power (Rainbow) and

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Clive Burr NWOBHM drumming legend – his work lives on…..RIP

Metal Odyssey > Heavy Metal Music Blog

Iron Maiden - debut album - promo cover pic - large!



IRON MAIDEN – In Metal tribute to the late and forever legendary Clive Burr, I have chosen the first 3 Iron Maiden studio albums asStone’s METAL Picks Of The Day! Clive Burr was never marketed for an album as many drummers are today. Still, from the very beginning, Clive’s drumming introduced a fresh style, which sounded so natural, that it made the early Metal sound of Iron Maiden vibrate so exquisitely special for me. The NWOBHM was kicking in the door to my Metal soul… and I didn’t even know it back then.

These first 3 Iron Maiden albums still cast a magical Metal spell upon me. Simply put, I’ve never grown tired of them. I absolutely love the vocals of Paul Di’Anno, he brought his uniqueness to the table with Iron Maiden; just as Clive Burr delivered his unique…

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Mixing it up – The new Witch Cross album with Chris Tsangarides


So it begins….Mike Koch (Witch Cross guitarist) is now holed up in the studio with the legendary Chris Tsangarides, undertaking the final mixing of the new Witch Cross album. I cannot overstate the excitement I feel as the project nears completion. We feel the weight of history too, as the classic 1984 release ‘Fit for Fight’ was the last full-length album from the band, and it, and its songs, have gone into metal folklore. I’ve always said Alex Savage’s vocals on that album were a tour de force, unsurpassed, so we have a high standard to live up to, but therein lies the challenge, and that’s what drives us. I believe Witch Cross are a band that understands the song is king, it was certainly true on Fit for Fight, and I think Mike and I, along with contributions from Paul and Jan, have written a collection that can stand shoulder to shoulder with those classics from the past. We’ve tried to remain true to early 80’s era metal, and to the credo of the band. I can’t wait to unleash it upon the world!

Kev Moore

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The outdated ‘Frontier Mentality’ that is killing America


As the U.S. reels once again from the effects of a tragedy of unspeakable proportions, the NRA will once again be circling the wagons in the finest Western movie tradition, and begin spouting the hackneyed line about ‘the right to bear arms.’  But it’s not the logic of the founding fathers that will save America. It is far more pertinent to look to Darwinism. In short: ‘Adapt, or die.’

I do not believe the wise and inspired people who drew up a charter to steer that great country a safe course through history would insist that their words should remain unchanging. The world changes, and we should change with it.  The logic of having the right to hold a weapon to defend your land as you seek to tame the wilderness and create a new frontier, a new nation, has become a hollow, sick joke in the 21st Century. It is simply an irrelevance in modern society, and a cruel affront to the now childless families whose hearts have been ripped out in Connecticut.

In what twisted, vicious universe can it be normal and legal for a 20 year-old to own a Glock, a Sig Sauer, and a rifle? Perhaps even more frightening is the number of people who take this terrible tragedy in Sandy Hook as a reason to have MORE guns, some even suggesting the teachers should be armed, the better to able to protect the children in their care. What madness is this?  Can any right-thinking human being really be suggesting that a loaded weapon in a classroom is a sensible option?

America, you must wake up now, and amend your laws accordingly. Look around you – your children are dying. Your FUTURE is dying. Do something before it’s too late, or your nation, like the villains from that older, outdated and romanticized era of your history, will bite the dust.

Kev Moore

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