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How cool is this? – The Mother’s Finest kickstarter project – 10 days to go!

Mother’s Finest, the legendary funk rock band from Atlanta Georgia, are asking YOU to participate in their bid to fund their first new album in 10 years. Visit their KICKSTARTER page to get involved!

Today, their guitarist Moses Mo released a video, detailing a brand new perk added to the bidding menu – the one-of-a-kind Mother’s Finest ‘shield’ guitar, built by Jordan guitars! Check out Moses’ video below and head over to the KICKSTARTER site to make your pledge.


Kev Moore


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Off Topic: Ataxia Awareness

Way back in the mists of time, in a quiet suburb of Derby, a host of young teens saw the decade morph from the 60’s to the 70’s, and were like-minded in their willingness to be swept along by, and participate in, its musical backdrop. We were a disparate group of lads, drawing on equally disparate influences, but we had that all-encompassing entity – music – in common.  There was a whole host of us, but the main players in the very early days were myself, Adrian “Fos” Foster, Mike Emery, Tim Gadsby, Paul Bunting, Tony Billinge, Colin Hidderley and Steve Carter. Some of us hadn’t even really sorted out who would play what. I started out on drums, moving much later to bass.  I vividly remember rehearsing in Steve’s garage, running through one of his own songs, ‘September’, and Tim was on bass.  Most of us went our own way of course, and drifted towards the music that most appealed. As our tastes an dinterests diverged,  Fos and I pursued the ‘Rock’ route, and indeed still do, and  Steve and Tim leaned towards folk. It still fills me with immense pride that quite a collection of us from a small part of Derbyshire have taken our boyhood dreams to levels we probably couldn’t conceive of back in those rose-coloured youthful days. I am certain that my unwavering dedication to my musical career has its roots firmly planted in those early times with my childhood friends.  Without those experiences, I would not be where I am today. My career is well documented in these pages,  Steve and Tim went on to record as ‘Firkin the Fox’,  “Dr. Big Love’, and worked with the likes of Dave Pegg (Jethro Tull, Fairport) and a host of respected Irish musicians. Their music is a far cry from mine, but it is imbued with a deep sense of Englishness, whimsy, and romance, and optimism.  Tim blossomed into a fine bass and fiddle player. Ataxia has robbed him of the dexterity to continue, though he continues to make music with computers.  Steve felt it was high time awareness was raised about this condition. It is often misunderstood.  Watch my friend Steve’s (stage name Steve Bonham) video below, learn about Ataxia. Tell your friends, and help if you can.

Kev Moore


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Happy Talk


A rather unusual string I seem to have inadvertently added to my bow is that of appearing on a talk circuit.  I’ve recently begun giving a series of impromptu lectures about my career in general, and some parts of it specifically, the latest being the story of my album ‘Blue Odyssey’ – the songs and the journey that inspired it.  I usually perform one of the songs from it acoustically too. It’s quite fun to be able to waffle on to a group of (usually ladies) who are interested in the life of a musician, and who usually know very little about it beforehand. It’s also become a surprising and successful outlet for selling my albums. It’s something I’m looking to do more of in the future, and to that end, I’m collating my diaries from my time in America with a view to eventually producing a companion book. Certainly, in this day and age, diversity is the key to gaining, and keeping, an audience.  Long may it continue! Today, I’ve just returned form giving one such talk to the Tuesday Ladies Club (TLC-geddit?!) on nearby Mojacar Playa, a lovely experience beneath blue skies and sunshine by the sea…nice work if you can get it!

You can order the album online at SHOPKEV


Kev Moore

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Fallen Idol

I just unearthed a song I’m going to use for my next album, that I wrote about the late Amy Winehouse. I wanted to publish the lyrics here. They’re unaltered, and exactly as I wrote them on 19th.May 2008. Reading them again, I could clearly see it coming, as I’m sure those nearest and dearest could too. What I’ll never understand, not being a drug addict or alcoholic or having to deal with one, is how they could not prevent it. But , as always in these cases, we can rest easy knowing someone, somewhere is getting very, very rich.


Turns to stone if she’s, on her own
Photo flash, then she’s golden trash
A modern-day Medusa bent on taking her own life
Pity all the people that had prayed that she would survive

She’s a fallen idol, she’s a fallen idol to me
No-one to rely on, maybe you could try one and see

Nature’s way, or, so they say
Worldly-wise, but with those, vacant eyes
A world of self-delusion in her celebrated state
Her tattoos tell the story – an illustrated fate

Not so long ago we’re told, all the streets were paved with gold
Everybody young and old, warmly welcomed to the fold
Damaged hearts repent in haste, always leave a bitter taste
No more wishes left to waste, you can see it in her face

She’s a fallen idol, she’s a fallen idol to me
No-one to rely on, maybe you could try one and see
She’s a fallen idol, she’s a fallen idol to me
No-one to rely on, maybe you could try one and see

Freshly dead, newly wed
Had to die to see those sales go high
A universal profit on the back of her demise
International webcasts drown the sounds of a mother’s cries
(yes they do)

She’s a fallen idol, she’s a fallen idol to me
No-one to rely on, maybe you could try one and see
She’s a fallen idol, she’s a fallen idol to me
No-one to rely on, maybe you could try one and see

Lyrics © Kev Moore May 19, 2008

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AMY WINEHOUSE: Apart from the drink, drugs, and rank unprofessionalism, where did it all go right?

Amy Whinearse - any similarity between persons living or half-dead is purely coincidental

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear….where to begin?  From my own perspective, (and I’m honest enough to admit that, although I’m still enjoying a reasonable career in music, it comes with a liberal helping of sour grapes), it really doesn’t look good. I can deal with very talented people reaping rich rewards. I can even deal with people going off the rails. I can’t deal with mediocre talent reaping vast riches, but that’s another issue. But Amy Winehouse…..personally, I don’t see what all the fuss was about when she could stand up and bash out a tune, never mind when she totters about like a semi-comatose junkie, mumbling like she’s had a lobotomy. (I’m assuming she hasn’t actually had one, but who knows what the current fashions are?)  However, I will concede that some people liked the music she was evidently propped up to churn out in the first place. But her recent debacle in Eastern Europe is an affront to any professional musician, and an insult to the poor (and bad judges of character) schmucks who coughed up a week’s wage to see her embarrass herself, her band, and the profession in general. Put simply, it is a lack of respect. Respect for her band-mates, her public, but ultimately, herself. She should go away, flip burgers and get some help, instead of charging money for the rest of us to witness the unedifying spectacle of a lucky chanter who no longer knows her arse from her elbow.

Kev Moore

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Spank de Plank

Almost certainly lurking in my subconscious since my days wandering around the Caribbean with my reggae show, here’s a character I’ve called “Spank de Plank”  – a very cool bass dude!  He’ll be the last character to earn a place in my forthcoming exhibition in Turre in March, though I’m sure many more will pop out of my head and onto the screen during the coming year!

If you want to buy a print of Spank online, click on the widget below:

Art Prints

Kev Moore

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How low can you go? New T-Shirt design!

Calling all bass players, and lovers of the low-down sound, my new bass tee’s are available to buy right now from Red Bubble, just click on the link below!


Art & Design © Kev Moore 2010

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A different kind of Pinetop tribute!

Eagerly awaiting the first copies of Blue Odyssey – arriving from the company any day now – and I thought I’d share with you one of my artistic creations. It’s the first time my art and music have ‘met’ really. I have a song about the legendary Delta Bluesman Pinetop Perkins on the new album, called “96 on Sixth”, A reference to his amazing age and also Sixth street in Austin, where he still performs at Nuno’s.

Pine turned 97 this summer, and is truly a living legend. I thought I’d use him as inspiration for one of my music character pieces. Here it is:

If you want to buy a giclee print of Pinetop in various sizes, framed or otherwise, just click on the widget below:

Art Prints

It also seems like a good time to tell you about a new site started by Miki, currently featuring her, myself, and our friend Pamela Allegretto Franz. It is called PAINTING THE MUSIC and its eventual aim is to feature artwork from artists all over the world portraying music and dance.

Kev Moore

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Christie launch their own MySpace

Well, our webmaster Ray Chan has done all the hard work! go along and be one of the first friends! CHRISTIE MYSPACE

The new Christie MySpace page

The new Christie MySpace page

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Germany – There and back, and back again!

Sound check: Crowds gather in Schwarzenberg, as do the stormclouds!

Sound check: Crowds gather in Schwarzenberg, as do the stormclouds!

Weiswasser 22/23 May

So, as May sneaked up on us, the Christie rehearsals and Tour 2009 got underway, seeing us travel to the east of Germany, so far East, in fact that we were just a 5 minute drive from the Polish border!  the guys from Showaddywaddy took the opportunity to hop across and check out the local market, which is what most of the locals around there do, in addition to getting cheap Polish petrol.

For our first two shows of the year, we were in the town of Weiswasser, performing at a large outdoor event, for which the weather was just perfect.

Other acts on the bill were Dozy, Beaky Mick & Tich, Sailor and Middle of the Road. Between them, the bands had dozens of Top 10 hits throughout the 60’s and the 70’s.

It was great to take the stage as CHRISTIE again, and I particularly enjoyed playing the two songs from the first album “Inside looking out” and “Gotta be free” which haven’t seen the light of day for about 35 years.

I had flown directly to the UK for the two days rehearsals with Christie, and it gave me the unexpected and rare opportunity to watch my son Corey perform with his band Jilambis. It was the first time I’d ever seen them! needless to say, I was the proud Dad, his playing, and that of the band’s was awesome.

Flying out with Jeff, Fos and Simon from Leeds early Friday morning, we changed planes in Amsterdam, landing in Berlin just before lunch. Our promoter had mistakenly booked me to return with the others via Amsterdam to Leeds on the Sunday, but I wasn’t up for that, and booked my own flight directly from Berlin to Alicante. the downside of that being that I had to leave the hotel around 3 a.m. on the Sunday morning, devoid of sleep!

However, all this sleep deprivation resulted in me being home in Turre by midday, whilst the others weren’t even scheduled to leave the hotel until around 2 that afternoon.  I emailed Jeff the following day to see if they’d had a good trip back. It transpired that, due to traffic jams and accidents, they got to the airport late and missed the plane, causing the promoter to have to try and find new flights for them later that evening, which took them into Luton in the south of the UK, where they had to hire a car to drive the 200 miles north! Suddenly, my early morning seemed “a whole lot better” to quote a Roger McGuinn song we do in the Christie show!

Schwarzenberg 6th.June

Barely two weeks later and it’s off on the road again, this time leaving home at 2.30 a.m., grabbing an hours rest on the way, and arriving in Alicante for my flight to Munich around 6.   When I touched down in southern Germany, I linked up with Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich, and we were all driven up to Schwarzenberg, a good four hours North east. Once again our easterly location had us within spitting distance of other cities, this time Prague. The journey was accompanied by torrential rain, which only eased up a little on our arrival. We checked into a nice little hotel, Die Blauer Engel (Blue Angel, I think) in the nearby town of Auer, about 2o minutes from the gig, and put our feet up while we waited for other bands to arrive.

The Dozys postpone the soundcheck in favour of dinner....

The Dozys postpone the soundcheck in favour of dinner....

Jeff, Fos and Simon were en route from Berlin, and I was driven to Schwarzenberg for the soundcheck. The rain was unrelenting, and I began to realize, as the car made its way up a switchback road threading across vertiginous slopes, that the show was at the top of a mountain!  Funnier still was finding Jeff, Fos and Simon’s driver had skidded their car off the track and they were forced to walk the rest of the way in a quagmire. I gave them a cheery wave as we sailed past. They gave me the finger. As we met up and unloaded guitars, etc, I wasn’t prepared for what I saw when I peered front of house. An enormous stepped amphitheatre rose up and away into the distance, and, under the pouring rain, a crowd of around 7,500 was gathering, oblivious to the conditions, waiting for the show!

Amongst the throng, three of our most dedicated followers, Rainer, Toni, and Franz, stood right in front of the stage, waving hello!  This was Toni and Franz’s first time at a Christie gig, despite Toni having the most amazing Christie memorabilia collection., and we hadn’t seen Rainer for some years, so it was great to catch up.

Toni, Franz & Rainer brave the elements, sporting the new CHRISTIE T shirts by Miki

Toni, Franz & Rainer brave the elements, sporting the new CHRISTIE T shirts by Miki

We were on early, at 7.30 p.m. just after opening act Chris Andrews, which meant we could then relax and watch the other bands. I particularly wanted to see the Spencer Davis group, and they didn’t disappoint. The other highlight of the evening was to be The Glitter band, which featured my BC Sweet bandmates Pete Phipps and Marc Pearson. It was quite strange seeing them onstage without me!  Catering backstage was pretty good, and also gave us a chance to catch up with friends such as Dave from Showaddywaddy and Sally and Ken from Middle of the Road. This weekend , the lads drew the short straw and had to leave around 6 a.m. for the first of their two flights home.  I had a civilised 10 a.m. breakfast with The Dozy’s and we left the hotel around noon, the sun making an appearance as we headed down to Munich.

Spencer Davis just keeps on runnin'....

Spencer Davis just keeps on runnin'....

The brave, rainsoaked masses

The brave, rainsoaked masses

Next foray into Europe, after Miki and I slip away for a break to Portugal, is a trip to Bosnia with BC Sweet. I certainly can’t complain that my life is dull!

Kev Moore

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