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Witch Cross at CHAOS DESCENDS! Part Two

Here’s a fan-shot video from CHAOS DESCENDS of us performing “Rocking the Night Away”. Hope you all enjoy it!

It was a real pleasure to get back to Germany and rock the fans…now we wait for September, when it’s the turn of Denmark and Sweden!

Kev Moore



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Moore’s Muso Music….

I like to think that my remit as a writer is eclectic, and never more so than when my partner, the French Artist Miki asks me to create a video to showcase her various works. This time it was her musicians paintings, an astounding array of pieces featuring musicians as diverse as Son House, Michael Jackson, Tal Wilkenfield, Steve Stevens, Billy Corgan, Robert Plant, Barry White, and all points in between!  Because of the sheer volume of works to be shown – Sixty-four in all, ( and that’s only a small proportion of her musician paintings) the video was always going to clock in at going on for 8 minutes, allowing for the fact that each image would need around 8 seconds ‘screen time’, so I set about composing a soundtrack  that would run for around 8 and a half minutes to be safe.  When I do this kind of work, it’s not a song I need of course, moreover, a vibe, a feel that will suit everything that appears on the screen. Clearly, I couldn’t jump around through the different styles as the different musicians appeared on the screen every 8 seconds or so – that would’ve been utter chaos! -So I went for a continual bass and drum groove, with a recurring breakdown section presented slightly differently each time it came around.  Alternating guitar and synth solos try to keep the interest throughout.

I always enjoy this sort of project, as it takes me into areas I don’t normally go. I would never describe myself as a keyboard player for example, never mind a soloist(!) but on this piece – imaginatively entitled “Muso’s Theme”, I have a go! What surprised me is how much I can hear Jan Hammer’s influence (but not his skill) come out in my effort. I used to listen to his mid 70’s work with Beck quite a lot. It was a one-take thing, warts’n’all, but I kind of liked it, so I left it in!

For the gear geeks, I used a Fender Jazz Custom bass with Lace alumatone pick-ups and a Stellartone tone styler, a Fender Aerodyne Stratocaster, an Ibanez AS73 Semi-Acoustic, and a Roland GW-7 Workstation.

But the stars of the show in this video are Miki’s paintings – check them out. You can buy all of them as prints from


Kev Moore

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METRO Interview

I was recently interviewed by the METRO Newspaper and it featured last Thursday in their SEEN & HEARD section. I thought I’d share it with you here:


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My yearly treat

Approximately one year ago, Californian artist Susan Cornelis, who also, through Cafe Crem, has become a dear friend – proposed me to create a soundtrack for her “Soul Sketching” video.

It was a challenge, and great from fun, and from it came the musical piece “Eire” which was composed specifically for her video. a year on, and Susan has created Number 2 in the Soul Sketching series, and once again was kind enough to consider me to create the music. (Guess I did something right the first time!)  I stayed with the Gaelic theme, and used a recorder as a nod to Susan’s Norwegian ancestry. The entire melody popped into my head as I awoke from a dream at 5 a.m. – and much to Miki’s amusement, I dashed into the studio to get the idea down before I forgot it. Like many Celtic pieces, it is a simple tune, the appeal, I hope, being its gentleness. The intro and outro recorder melody is reinforced with an acoustic guitar following along note for note. I hope I have captured the mood Susan wanted.  This kind of interaction – of which I’m fortunate to enjoy with many of my friends in Cafe Crem – is so energising!

© Music: “Misty Mountains” Kev Moore 2009 All Rights Reserved

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Strange Costumes – The Video

It felt like a natural progression to create a video to accompany this joint project between myself and Shelley House, an American artist/writer and friend. It features a host of images I felt appropriate to the wonderful lyrics, plus a few shots of me thrown in, plus a painting of me by Miki, plus some of Shelley’s bird illustrations, morphed and tampered with in iPhoto and Windows movie maker!

I enjoyed working on this, part of Shelley’s “Altered book” project, and the good news is….Part two coming soon!

© Kev Moore 2009: Lyrics and bird illustrations by ShelleyMHouse

Painting of Kev Moore & Additional Photo Manipulation by Miki

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Derby Pride – The Video

This morning I was interviewed on Radio Derby in the UK about my new song “Derby Pride” which celebrates Derby County Football Club. Judging by the response I’ve received following its airing on Shane’s breakfast show, its struck a chord with many people in the area.  Last night, I put together a bit of a montage that I hope brings a bit of what its like to follow “The Rams”, and what the Clough name means to the people and the city of Derby.

If you are interested in purchasing the song as a digital download, please click on my name and follow the links

© Kev Moore 2009

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