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Straight Shooters at The Grand Pavilion, Matlock Bath


Matlock, and its surrounding area, including Darley Dale and Matlock bath, in the heart of Derbyshire’s Peak District is somewhere dear to my heart and inextricably linked with both my Mum’s and Dad’s side of the family, all of them hailing from there. The Grand Pavilion, a Georgian building that stands imperiously by the river side deep in the gorge where Matlock Bath sits, has long been a focal point for entertainment. In the post-war years, my Dad well remembers attending concerts and watching Dance bands there. In the 1980’s, I performed there myself with my band Tubeless Hearts.

Matlock Bath Pavilion

Matlock Bath Pavilion

So it really piqued my interest when my Dad mentioned that it had been at considerable risk of demolition in recent years, and was now in the hands of a trust committed to saving this historic building. I’d been canvassing around to fill out dates for my visit from Spain in June, when, with our new project Straight Shooters, we’ll be making a special appearance at the Quad in Derby, and also in Burton -on-Trent, but more about those shows in another post.

After connecting with Andie Brazewell at The Pavilion, we now have a date in place for Straight Shooters – Friday June 6th – we’re hoping everyone will come along and support the event – priced at just £5 a ticket, and help fund the restoration of this beautiful venue.

11. Sternquell Brauereifest in Plauen

You’ll be in for a night of classic British 70’s rock, courtesy of the music of Free and Bad Company!



Kev Moore

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P.A.W.S. Benefit Concert

Many of you may be labouring under the misapprehension that P.A.W.S. is the name of an animal charity, but I can assure you all that this is not the case…well, it might, be, but not to this particular singer/bassist. It stands for “Plays Again With Stef”. Because 2 weeks ago, I climbed onstage with my old buddy Stef Cybichowski and we played live together for the first time in 33 years, no rehearsals, nothing. (Unless you count the 2 hours on the plane where Stef was listening to the songs on his ipod!)

I don’t gig locally very often , but the opportunity afforded by this Charity bash coinciding with Stef’s weekend visit was too good to pass up. So my mate Mario Moriche, Stef and i took to the stage in Mojacar’s artisan centre, and the years fell away. It’s frightening to think what sort of rhythm section we’d be if we’d played together for 33 years! I only re-established contact with Stef a couple of years back, and through the miracle of technology he supplied drums on three tracks from my Blue Odyssey album, but we were never in the same room at the same time.

Back in the murky 70’s, we shared a flat in Derby as green 18 year-olds, and before the decade was out, went our separate ways, Stef playing in Germany, and me in Scandinavia.  When we re-connected, it was like sitting around in our old lounge back in Vicarage Avenue, as if no time had passed. There is something special about musicians. Your relationships just endure. Even if you’ve been out of touch, and you can pick up where you left off with consummate ease.  The way we just walked on stage and ‘did the gig’ was amazing, and an experience I’m so grateful for, and hope to repeat. Let’s not wait another 33 years, eh matey? 🙂

Photos by Deano

Kev Moore

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We’re going Santamental!


Only 5 Euros for a limited time only........

....when you buy THIS!














Call it the spirit of the season, call it whatever you like, but here at Moore music towers, we’ve decided to make a special Christmas offer to all Rams Fans, in honour of the release of my new album and the resurgence of DCFC, and Mr. Common’s goalscoring prowess.

Yes, if you buy my new CD Blue Odyssey, you will be able to purchase my DCFC album Fan Fayre for the Commons People for just 5 Euros! This offer only lasts until Christmas, so get busy! If you’ve already got a copy, this is a great opportunity to buy one for a loved one, or even your wife!

(N.B. This offer does not apply to the Limited “Red Dog” edition)

Just go to MIKISMART, order in the Blue Odyssey CD + Fan Fayre CD window (where the Mikismart link takes you)


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Cow Tipping – or, will The Co-op Cow capture the Hearts of the Derby public?

It’s official. The Sacred cow forms part of a two pronged assault on Derby folks’ heartstrings, the other being the new football anthem Derby Pride. Last night, at least in the second half, The Rams so nearly forced the World club champions into extra time, and displayed Passion and Pride in equal measure. But Derby, whilst it might be defined by its football team to many, os certainly more than  that, and I’ve now made a video to accompany the song which immortalises that Red Neon Bovine Icon! It’s peppered with Derby images, including the “handless” (or is it?) clock in the now sadly demolished art deco Derby bus station.

© Kev Moore 2009

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The Co-Op Cow

The Bovine Rouge

The Bovine Rouge

As events gathered apace surrounding my song for Derby County Football Club, I found myself needing at least one more song for inclusion on a projected CD single to accompany the digital download. In the final analysis, I decided on three tracks, including the title track. The third, which I will present in the future, is inspired by the village where we live in Spain, but the second, which I present for your perusal today, is very much a tale based in my hometown of Derby. I have spent most of the last two days writing and recording it. It’s a  tale of disastrous love, set against the backdrop of a number of well-known Derby locations, the “star” of which is The Co-Op Cow. The Cow was a “welcome home” to returning Derbyians, its red neon glow instantly visible on the Skyline. It survived many attempts to remove it, and a petition saved it from the scrapheap some years ago. To be honest I’m not even sure if it still remains, but if it does, surely it’s days are numbered.

The references to “Blesso’s” is a nickname for a popular town centre pub – The Blessington Carriage(where I gigged as a teenager) and “Sadler gate” is a trendy walking street where it used to be possible to browse a wonderful record shop called R.E.Cords, where I got my education. I also used to rehearse above a shop down the same street. Pride Park is of course, Derby’s football ground. Just click on the title to play!

The Co-Op Cow

Meet me beneath the CO-OP Cow
Round about quarter to 10
I know we’ve had problems, I know we’ve had rows
But red neon will light us again

I’d spent my last wages on half melted chocolates
And nicked some wild daffys down Markeaton park
But she still wouldn’t give me the time of the day
So I’m stumped as to handling this romantic lark

We’ve had halves down the Blessos, and I shot some pool
I took her down Sadlergate, bought a kebab
But the fairer sex seems to confuse as a rule
So she legged it when I called a cab

Meet me beneath the CO-OP Cow
Round about quarter to 10
I know we’ve had problems, I know we’ve had rows
But red neon will light us again

The last chance saloon, as I walked up the Morledge
She’d finally agreed to meet up in the town
I waited, and waited, ’til the clock said 5 after
As the Derbyshire rain soaked
The loneliest man in the town

Now I’ll stay out the Blessos, I’ll never play pool
And you’ll never find me down old Sadlergate
Well the Co-op Cow’s big girl, but you are a bigger one
I’m down Pride Park with me mates

Meet me beneath the CO-OP Cow
Round about quarter to 10
I know we’ve had problems, I know we’ve had rows
But red neon will light us again

© Kev Moore Music and lyrics 2009

The Co-op Cow and other songs are available to buy as a digital download from here:


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